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The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the leader in delivering marketing Webcasts, surpassing all others in frequency and diversity of topics. Thousands of marketing professionals rely on these Webcasts for information, ideas and insights they can use every day.

By sponsoring a Webcast, you can maximize your exposure to your target audience, strengthen your brand awareness and generate new leads—all in one easy step.  

With experience in producing more than 650 Webcasts, AMA’s staff of experts will assist you with all aspects of your Webcast development—from supplying you with a knowledgeable ad strategic project manager to collaborating with you on the production of dynamic content to implementing a promotional campaign that will ensure the success of your event.

AMA Webcasts include:

Promotion via a dedicated e-mail to our AMA MarketingPower database and extensive banner ads on our website and appearance in weekly MarketingPower Today newsletter as well as the AMA Professional Development Digest!

Marketing Support from an expert program manager who will help you every step
of the way, from planning, branding, packaging and promotion of our webcast, making it easy for you to have a successful event! 

Lead Generation from the full contact information for every webcast registrant
within 24 hours of your webcast.  Follow up emails continue to engage the registrants
by providing supplemental materials, slides from the webcast or answer their questions directly.  We also will work with you on developing Twitter has-tag to facilitate conversations during and after the webcasts! 


Our schedule fills up fast - so contact us today at
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