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Are you looking for your next marketing superstar? AMA can provide access to a geographically expansive audience of highly networked, motivated and diverse 18–24-year-olds who want to put their marketing expertise to work for you! Whether you are looking for a dedicated intern or an entry-level marketer, AMA provides you with unique ideas to reach this innovative audience.   

AMA Collegiate Career Fair
By participating as a recruiter at our annual International Collegiate Conference and Career Fair, you not only get a chance to interact directly with over 1,200 business and marketing students at the conference, but you also get a chance to reach our entire collegiate audience through presence on our website and internships posted on the Marketing Career Network.

March 21-23, 2013 in New Orleans, over 1,200 self-selected best of the best students will gather for the Annual International Collegiate Conference. Included in the program is a 3-hour Career Fair Lunch where students meet with corporate recruiters and representatives from universities that offer graduate degrees in marketing and business. The Career Fair also features "roundtables" where recruiters coach students on networking and interviewing skills, critique resumes, hold mock interviews and more. For more information, contact Sandra Wright,

Career Fair Recruiter Package: $500

AMA Collegiate Career Partners
By becoming a Collegiate Career Partner (CCP) at the International Collegiate Conference (ICC) you’ll have access to some of today’s best and brightest marketing students. As a Collegiate Career Partner, you will be the official sponsor at the Annual International Collegiate Conference where over 1,200 business and marketing students will gather in New Orleans in April 2010. This includes participation in the Career Corner, consideration as speaker at the conference and logo recognition throughout the conference.

But this unique recruiting opportunity extends well past the conference and provides a unique, year-long recruiting program. Throughout the year, you will be presented with many opportunities to communicate directly to our entire collegiate membership to highlight your organization’s career opportunities. This includes emails, mailings, editorial contribution, podcasts, banner ads and job board postings on the AMA’s Marketing Career Network. For more information, contact Lore Torres at

Collegiate Career Partner Annual Fee: $15,000
Additional programs and pricing levels available; please contact us for more information.

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