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The AMA Marketing Career Network Online Job Board

Avoid the clutter of the mega-job boards and avoid paying for candidates who aren’t interested in your position. We put your open position where it belongs—in front of over 22,000 highly skilled marketing candidates who are committed to the industry and have qualifications ranging from entry level to C-level. Take advantage of the AMA’s Marketing Career Network to find the perfect candidate for your marketing team!

  • Increase your exposure! Automatically listed on all 47 MCN Partner Career Centers at no additional charge (go to to view the complete list)
  • Jobs posted immediately—no need to wait
  • Manage jobs and candidates online
  • Discounts available for AMA members!

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 30 Day $200  $300
 30 Day with Resume Search $400  $600 

For information on additional pricing and packages go to or contact us at

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