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As members of the American Marketing Association, your team will tap into resources that help them address day-to-day challenges and stay at the forefront of marketing thinking and practices.  Industry-leading resources that can’t be found anywhere else.

The AMA Group Membership program is available to US & Canada professional marketers and academics in the same organization or parent company regardless of geographic location.  Group is defined as four or more people receiving a paycheck from the same employer. View pricing information below.

Significant Savings on Group Memberships! 

Group Size                  4-9 Members        10+ Members

Dues per Member*
       $235                     $210
New Member Fee         Waived                 Waived
Average Savings           22%                     30%
*Rate includes both local and national dues.

Special Offer: Groups of 15 + receive discounts for AMA Corporate Training and five $200 off coupons to any AMA national event.

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