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Jen Benstein
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With over 20,000 members around the world, only the AMA offers the global insights and perspectives you need to be a successful marketing professional in this rapidly changing industry.

International Membership provides you with a world of opportunities to expand your knowledge, build your skill sets, and connect with the largest marketing community in the world. No other organization offers the cross-disciplinary perspectives that the AMA provides, including marketing knowledge and connections, not just within your field and your category, but across the spectrum of business around the globe.

To ensure maximum accessibility and participation, the AMA offers a global tiered 'fair pricing' policy to the international membership for every country across the world.

Member Benefits:

  • Receive 2 marketing publications: Marketing News, the AMA's flagship publication, and a second marketing publication of your choice. Choose from our list of award-winning journals or magazines. Click here for more information on AMA publications.

  • Gain access to Member and Resource Directories. You can contact AMA members and thousands of experts to help you with your business needs.

  • Join a Marketing Community. Within the broad AMA marketing community, groups have formed around specialties and interests. When you join a group, you can share ideas, knowledge and techniques, allowing for a broad spectrum of international perspectives on the same topic.

  • Watch informative AMA webcasts. Take advantage of webcasts and podcasts on a full range of current topics, from cutting-edge methods to the latest research and so much more. Over 100 are exclusively for members only.

  • Utilize the full marketing resource library. has a large catalogue of important resource material. You’ll have members-only access to the latest research and white papers, plus an extensive archive of topical materials.

So join today and get connected to an international network of your marketing peers.


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