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Here are some answers to our frequently asked membership questions.

 I do not have a member log-in yet...
If you signed up by paper application and have never created an online user profile, visit the member confirmation page and follow the instructions to set one up. You will need your membership ID and email address.

 I need a membership receipt...
Please contact Customer Service ( and they will assist you.

 I have not received my membership packet...
Your membership packet should arrive within 2 weeks after joining. Look out for a bright green envelope with the words "Membership kit enclosed". If you still have not received it within the specified time, please contact Customer Service and we will reissue your kit.

  I need to renew my membership...
Members can renew their membership up to 3 months before expiration. To renew, log in to your online profile at the top-right corner of the website and click "Renew" to begin the process. If you do not see the renew link, please contact Customer Service to assist you.

 I want to redeem my event coupon...
Please call Customer Service to redeem any coupons.

 I want to update my profile...
By updating your profile, you can receive more targeted content and communications based on your interests and responsibilities. Please log-in at the top-right of the website and click "My Profile" to make your changes.

 I want to add/change the newsletters I am receiving...
Please log-in to your online profile at the top-right corner of the website, then click the "subscription center" link located in the footer of this site to change your preferences.

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