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Being a member of the American Marketing Association offers comprehensive, timely information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else, along with the resources, tools and connections to help your career flourish in the marketing community.   

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US & Canada
Available to all individuals in the field of marketing.

US - $220* + chapter dues
Canada - $195 + chapter dues
*$30 application fee for new members

International Available for individuals outside of US & Canada. International membership dues are based on a global tiered World Bank "fair pricing" policy for every country around the world.

Professional  *$55 - $195 
Young Professional  $40 - $105
Doctoral  $40 - $105
Student  $25 - $47

Multi-Year Membership Available for professional members who wish to join for multiple years at a discounted rate.

$395 (2 years) + chapter dues
$560 (3 years) + chapter dues

*$30 application fee for new professional members 

(offline application)
Available to four or more individuals in the same organization or parent company. Available in U.S. & Canada. Learn more $235 per member* (4-9 members)
$210 per member* (10+ members)

*Chapter dues are included.
Young Professional         Available for 3 years immediately following completion of undergraduate degree. $110 + chapter dues
Doctoral For individuals currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Limited to 5 years. $110 + chapter dues (optional)
Student For full time students not currently employed in a full time professional position. Limited to 5 years. $47 + chapter dues (optional)


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