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Mariam Adeyemo
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From the Editor:

It gives me great pleasure to note that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Journal of Marketing. The journal has accomplished a lot over the years, and is widely regarded as the premier broad-based journal in marketing. JM owes its preeminence to a very large number of authors, reviewers and editors who have made numerous contributions over the decades. To these individuals, my grateful thanks on behalf of the journal.

In celebration of this important milestone in the journal’s history, a special section featuring invited articles by leading marketing scholars appears in the July 2011 issue of the journal. It includes pieces by Ruth Bolton, George Day, Phil Kotler, Bernie Jaworski, Don Lehmann, Gary Lilien, Rich Lutz, Debbie MacInnis, Leigh McAlister, Jag Sheth, and Rick Staelin. They offer new insights into the research endeavor as well as substantive areas ripe for deeper inquiry. In addition, they speak to the functioning of the academic institution, a topic on many people’s minds today.  

While the journal’s past has been distinguished, the future is even more promising. Gary Frazier, the incoming Editor-in-Chief, has many ideas and unbridled energy for taking the journal to even greater heights. I am very excited about how the journal will evolve in the coming years, and invite you to share in its growth.  

Ajay K. Kohli

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Mariam Adeyemo
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