Consumer Participation in Coproduction: “I Made It Myself” Effects on Consumers’ Sensory Perceptions and Evaluations of Outcome and Input Product

Sigurd Villads Troye & Magne Supphellen
Journal of Marketing
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Consumers engage in self-production when they play an active role in the creation of end products, such as preparing a meal or assembling a piece of furniture. In three experimental studies of self-production involving a branded input product, the authors show that consumers’ active engagement in the value creation process (preparing a meal) positively biases their evaluations of an outcome (a dish) and an input product (a dinner kit). A positive evaluation bias for the input product occurs despite increased self-attribution due to self-production. In support of an associative self-anchoring explanation and the notion of self-generated validity, self-producing consumers bias their sensory perceptions (e.g., perceived level of saltiness and spiciness) so that they match a positive evaluation of the outcome. Mediation analyses show that perceived self-integration (perceived link between self and outcome) partly mediates the positive effect of self-production on outcome evaluation. The authors conclude that branded input products may benefit from the evaluation bias caused by self-production.

Sigurd Vilads Troye is Professor of Marketing at Norwegian School of Economics. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (1983). Dr. Troye teaches consumer behavior and theory of science. He does research in consumer behavior and in the intersection between philosophy of science and methodology. He has chaired several projects funded by the Norwegian Research council on tourism.

Magne Supphellen is Professor of Marketing at NHH, the Norwegian School of Economics, where he also received his doctoral degree in 1998. He teaches and does research in the areas of brand management and consumer behavior. Recently, his research has also included studies of marketing and consumption practices in third-world subsistence markets. He is the cofounder and partowner of Brand Cognition, a Scandinavian brand consultancy, and has served as a consultant for a number of local and international companies including Statoil, Schibsted, Yara, GE Moneybank, and the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. He has also chaired research projects for international companies, the Norwegian Research Council, and the Norwegian government.

Journal of Marketing, Volume 76, Number 2, March 2012
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Sigurd Villads Troye & Magne Supphellen
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