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Marketing Insights

​Written by today’s leading authorities and influencers, Marketing Insights provides senior-to-mid-level business strategists, marketers and researchers with the real-world knowledge necessary to think beyond a survey or analysis to the actionable insights that can be parsed from data, and that can lead to a deeper understanding of customers, competitors and the marketplace as a whole.

Tailored for marketers, those who work with research and those who work with the resulting insights, Marketing Insights acknowledges that/demonstrates how insights and analytics dovetail with research theory and practice to round out both the marketer’s and the researcher’s tool kit. The magazine serves as a unique barometer of what is happening in the evolving marketing research space, as it connects the decision makers on the front end with those on the back end.

Marketing Health Services

Marketing professionals looking for new ways to market their healthcare organization need look no further. Marketing Health Services, a quarterly magazine specifically aimed at senior-level healthcare marketers and managers, offers targeted information, practical strategies and thought-provoking commentary to help achieve your goals and shape your vision.

Marketing Health Services tackles some of the biggest issues facing healthcare marketers today, including e-health, DTC marketing, legislative developments, healthcare ROI, and database marketing. Regular features include revealing case studies as well as roundtables with the leading thinkers in this constantly changing field.

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