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May/June 2009


Taking the Long View           
The midst of a recession is a good time for marketers
to produce a long-term measurement plan.
By Robert S. Duboff

Innovate with Balance
With the right mixture of your company’s and consumers’ needs, everyone wins.
By Barry Curewitz 

Lay the Foundation for CMO Success
Be proactive in hiring your company’s next CMO.
By Terry H. Grapentine and David Dwight


On Brands and Branding       
Here Come the Chickens by Don E. Schultz
Marketers need to sort out what establishes and maintains brands.

Customer Bonding     
Getting Serious About Marketing ROI
by Lawrence A. Crosby
Management science, common sense and perserverance are a required combination for success.


Leadership Journey    
Accentuate the Positive!
by William B. Locander and David L. Luechauer
The negativity pervading most political commercials doesn’t promote
change; politicians and executives must eliminate the negative
and accentuate the positive.



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