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Brian Thompson
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2010 Honomichl Global Top 25 Report
For the first time in the 15 years since research industry expert Jack Honomichl began compiling his annual industry analysis, 15 of the top 25 firms in this year’s global ranking of research “behemoths and leaders” had a down year. But that’s no surprise, Honomichl writes in his latest installment of the Global Top 25 Report.

State of the Industry Report
Honomichl Top 25 Rankings Chart
Top 25 Profiles
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The Buzz
News and notes from around the AMA and marketing. AMA member earns SBA Woman-Owned Business of the Year award.

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AMA’s Job Board


AMA community meetup
Check out the AMA’s latest lineup of conferences and events, and learn how you can join the action.

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AMA Event Calendar


Core Concepts
Learn how to make room in your marketing budget by renegotiating vendor contracts. Experts from McKinsey & Co. and ICG Commerce Inc. weigh in.

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Mapping the Domain of Subjective Value in Negotiation


Problem Solved
Personal care products company Tre Milano tried to straighten out poor online sales for its InStyler hair care product by reconfiguring its landing page. Read about the simple steps that Tre Milano’s partner agency, Hydra Group Inc., took that increased sales 10-fold.

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It’s Alive! Alive!


How I Do It
Didier Truchot, founder and co-president of Ipsos, ranked fifth for the second year in a row on the Honomichl Top 25 list, discusses Ipsos’ growth and the future of marketing research.




Aaker on Branding
For the last decade, the top echelon of brands listed in the BrandJapan database has held steady. Prophet’s David Aaker dissects the soft metrics to discern how long-term brand building leads to nearly unshakeable brand equity.

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In Search of a Reliable Measure of Brand Equity 
Building a Better Brand


Social Media
Technology has empowered consumers; it also empowers your workforce. Be a HERO—or find one within your company—who can use social media to connect with your customers, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

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Event: Advanced Social Media, Chicago




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