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Marketing Like Never Before

Since its earliest days, the American Marketing Association has been fueled by bold thinking and emerging ideas. When a small group of academics and marketing research leaders came together in 1937 to create this organization, there was no road map, no model — they relied on their vision.

This vision has grown into a network of more than 30,000 members worldwide.  From global companies to small businesses, AMA members are continually pushing the boundaries and moving marketing forward.  Members count on AMA as a go-to resource and in turn, the AMA tailors its programs and services to members' specific needs.

With the help of our large and committed volunteer network, we meet members where they are — in our chapters, online and across the globe. And we are continually on the lookout for fresh ways to provide value and advance the field.

Together with our members, we remain on the leading edge, advancing marketing like never before.


From Research to Relationship

Market research has probably changed more in the past decade than it did in the 65 years preceding it. The emergence of social media and other technologies has opened up unprecedented avenues for learning, co-creation and insight generation. And along the way, a growing number of market research practitioners have come to realize that the future lies in expanding—if not upending—the traditional view of market research as a cool, remote, scientifi c discipline and, instead, recognizing that commercial growth and breakthroughs will be driven by ongoing dialogue and collaboration between companies and their customers.

Marketing Value

Despite the tradition, most textbooks, industry jargon and government accounting that proclaim that "goods and services" are distinct categories of products are wrong. Similarly, markets do not exist, a priori, to be entered and shared. Rather, they merely represent the transitory point of exchange between buyers and sellers—and "producers" do not create value, nor are "consumers" just destroyers of value.

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