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Are You Ready for Digital Disruption?: Technology is fostering a tougher competitive landscape, in which competitors can innovate cheaply and on the fly, changing the face of marketplace disruption.

Taking Measure of Your Customer Experience: A focus on customer experience is not only a business imperative, but also a brand differentiator, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff. He maps out three simple steps to measure your customer experience’s success.

Rethinking Marketing From the Outside In: Your customer experiences your brand through every touch point, from your marketing message, to your channel partners and distributors, to your customer service rep, so take a walk in your customer’s shoes to ensure that you’re delivering on your brand promise, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

The Clear Benefits of TV's Cloudy Future: Stop thinking about TV as TV and start experimenting with the myriad of video viewing options to capitalize on how television is now consumed, writes Forrester's Josh Bernoff.

Living in Facebook's Bizarro World: Ninety-six of the top 100 advertisers are using Facebook, but marketers often lack clear focus on what they want to accomplish there. Forrester’s Josh Bernoff  offers some tips and best practices.

Social Winners: Forrester research’s Josh Bernoff reviews three social media marketing efforts that “wowed” him—and won acclaim from Forrester’s Groundswell awards.

Marketing Collaboration: Forrester’s Josh Bernoff knows from personal experience that collaboration systems are effective at keeping a company’s employees on the same page, but it takes savvy marketing to get employees on board.

Competing in the Age of the Customer: In an era in which the rate of technology disruption has changed competition and the playing field could be upset at any moment, only one thing lasts: customer relationships, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

Corporate Social Evolution: Forrester’s Josh Bernoff shares the five evolutionary stages that companies go through on the path to mastering social technology.

Upgrade Your Brand by Upgrading Your Call Center: It might sound radical, but sharing 10% of your advertising budget with your company’s call center could very well be the best marketing move you’ll make all year, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

A Balanced Perspective on Social ROI:  The value of social applications can be measured financially or on other, less immediately financial dimensions, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

Making Your Company HERO-Friendly: HEROes-highly empowered and resourceful operatives-are the future of marketing, writes Forrester Research's Josh Bernoff.

Customer Service is Marketing: In an era in which one unhappy customer can influence hundreds of thousands of others with a couple of keystrokes, customer service is marketing, writes Forrester's Josh Bernoff.

Empower Your Problem-Solving HEROes: Technology has empowered consumers; it also empowers your workforce. Be a HERO—or find one within your company—who can use social media to connect with your customers, writes Forrester’s Josh Bernoff.

Is Your Agency Relationship Past its Expiration Date?: Sometimes relationships go sour. In this column, Forrester’s Josh Bernoff points out the red flags that signal an agency relationship that must come to an end.  

What the Splinternet Means for Marketers: Walls are built to keep people either in or out, and Forrester Research’s Josh Bernoff doesn’t like the look of the barriers being built online by social networks like Facebook.


How to Tweet Profitably: Forrester Research’s Josh Bernoff tackles Twitter and ties Tweets to profitability.

Be Smart About Customer Intelligence: Forrester's Josh Bernoff explains how marketers can stay afloat as waves of customer data and intelligence crash upon them.

Why Marketing Will Be More Digital, More Interactive and More Social: Forrester Research’s Josh Bernoff explains how the recession has forever changed the marketing business, and predicts a permanent shift toward the utilization of digital and social media.


Research in a Petri Dish: Online communities are hotbeds of research insights. Josh Bernoff reports on how to integrate them into your own marketing research.

Don't Screw Up Your Mobile Marketing Opportunity: How to optimize and integrate mobile into your marketing plans in a way that satisfies customers and meets business objectives.

Social Ads Must Get the Rhythm Right: Learn how some of today's top marketers are constantly engaging online fans and, by doing so, turning them into ongoing brand assets.

Social Strategy for Exciting (and Not So Exciting) Brands: Let's be frank. Most marketers are stuck marketing boring products. Read on for a few suggestions on how marketers can use social media conversations to jazz them up.

Be More Than an Ad, Get in the Conversation: Forrester’s Josh Bernoff believes sponsored conversations among marketers and bloggers are the next generation of the blogosphere, but first and foremost, some rules need to be observed.

Wicked Cool Wikis: Forrester Research VP Josh Bernoff demonstrates how the collaborative tool can minimize the need for those pesky, passé e-mails.

Why B-to-B Ought to Love Social Media: Contrary to popular belief, B-to-B marketers can thrive using social media strategies, Forrester’s Josh Bernoff thinks. The key is tapping into community needs.

Why Social Technology Will be Universal ... or Not: Forrester's Josh Bernoff parses the latest media data and predicts how consumers will behave online. He says universal consumption of social media is nearing, but not everyone will contribute.

Getting Past "No" with Social Applications: Forrester's Josh Bernoff says that to get past "No," you have to start small with your social media endeavors and prove they are worthwhile.

The Power of Generosity: Just as Mom always told you, saying 'thank you' can lead to great things, especially in the online world. Josh Bernoff concludes that small signs of appreciation are all that's needed to prompt Internet users to actively participate in social media.

Blogs, Marketing and Trust: In “Blogs, Marketing and Trust,” Forrester’s Josh Bernoff says that if you can’t build trust for a corporate blog, try borrowing it.

How Ordinary Marketers Can Generate Extraordinary Ideas: Josh Bernoff's tour of North America took him to companies of all colors. What he found was a universal willingness to think differently about social media technologies.

Creators to Spectators: Josh Bernoff's debut column starts from the ground up and pinpoints the questions all marketers should consider before embarking on a social media experiment.





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