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Facing Marketing Complexity With Sharper Tools: Marketers—even those at powerhouse brands—need new tools to do their jobs, writes columnist Michael Krauss. He shares lessons imparted by P&G CEO Robert McDonald.

Marketing to Future MBAs: The Dean's Perspective: Sally Blount, dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, takes a textbook approach to positioning the business school, writes columnist Michael Krauss.

A True Utility Player: These days, marketing a utility takes just as much innovative thinking as running one, as columnist Michael Krauss finds in his conversation with Karen Jones, CMO of Reliant Energy.

The Curious CMO: Fifth Third Bank puts customer relationships front and center in its new “Curious” campaign, and CMO Larry Magnesen shares the strategy with columnist Michael Krauss.

Profit Through Purpose: If you think concentrating on growing your profits means sacrificing your ideals, think again. That’s what columnist Michael Krauss learned from his conversation with Jim Stengel, the former P&G exec and author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies.

Sales Enablement is a Marketing Priority: To close the gap between your team and your sales colleagues, make sales enablement a priority in your marketing strategy, says columnist Michael Krauss.

Connecting the Connected: Bob Pearson, who helped Dell climb out of its “Dell Hell” doldrums to become a shining social media star, says companies need to invest more energy to engage customers in the “pre-commerce” stage, writes columnist Michael Krauss.

Godin on Initiative: Marketing guru Seth Godin has two words of advice for marketers competing in today’s fast-paced marketplace: Take initiative. Columnist Michael Krauss gets Godin to elaborate.

Making the Most of Inefficiences: Michael Krauss chats with Eric Belcher, CEO of InnerWorkings Inc., about how the print procurement organization profits off of the print industry’s often laborious processes.

Breaking Through With Thought Leadership Marketing: Michael Krauss tells how Robert Jordan self-published a book to anchor his marketing program and reach his business’ target audience.

Evolution of an Academic: Kotler on Marketing 3.0: Marketing 3.0 organizations play an entirely different level and are "values-driven" meaning they care about he state of the world, academic marketing expert Philip Kotler tells Michael Krauss.

Organizing for Digital: “Talent and organizational structure remain significant challenges for most companies when it comes to digital technology,” Spencer Stuart’s Christopher Nadherny tells Michael Krauss.

Moog Synthesizes Social Media: Matt Moog, founder of Viewpoints Network, a customer review and online community service, tells Michael Krauss that to maintain credibility, retailers have to start introducing the voice of the customer into their marketing mix.

Marketers' Next Task: Exploit Efficiencies to Uncover Growth: The most profitable marketers are ones who know how to exploit the resources they have most efficiently, posits Tom Nagle, co-author of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, in his conversation with Michael Krauss. Nagle points to the performance of Quad/Graphics as a best-in-class case study.

Writing the Book on Healthcare IT: Dan Michelson, CMO of Allscripts, tells Michael Krauss what it is like to be marketing a product in an industry with nearly unlimited potential for growth.   

Purpose Beyond Profits: Michael Krauss stages a hypothetical conversation about the purpose of business between economist Milton Friedman and “conscious corporation” pundit Greg Welch.

Win the Brain Game: Michael Krauss traces the development of neuromarketing research and introduces effective, cortextapping tactics developed by Patrick Renvoise, president of SalesBrain.

How Redbox is Changing Retail: DVD-renting kiosk firm Redbox is changing retail $1 at a time. Michael Krauss speaks with its marketing SVP Gary Cohen to learn how the innovative firm is thinking differently.

Memo to the President: Think Innovation: Michael Krauss and innovation leader Tom Kuczmarski send a memo to President Obama advising him on how thinking and acting innovatively will help him solve the nation’s woes.

Advice from a Digital Pioneer: Michael Krauss sat down with investment capitalist and Internet technology pioneer Jamie Crouthamel to find out which technology trends leading marketers should be paying attention to.

Road Warriors' New Ride: Al Saltiel, vice president of marketing for Navistar International Corp., discusses how authentic and creative marketing messages can cut through the clutter to position a new product for the long haul.

Ed Russ Gets It Right: Learn how Ed Russ, CMO of financial services provider Grant Thornton, used marketing to raise the company's profile, increase its Net Promoter Score by 13% and turn GT into a billion-dollar firm.

A Nudge in the Right Direction: To prompt consumers toward desired behaviors at the preclusion of others, go ahead and give 'em a nudge, reports Michael Krauss from his conversation with author and behavioral science expert Richard Thaler.

CMO Role Model Reveals What Works: In a conversation with Michael Krauss, Mike Linton, former CMO of eBay and Best Buy, offers tips on creating marketing programs that work in a downturn and what he has learned in his years as a marketer.

Which Metrics Matter Most? Columnist Michael Krauss posed this conversation-starter to top marketers and academics to find out.

Spanning Silos: Michael Krauss talks with marketing veteran David Aaker about his new book, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative, which examines the real purpose of the CMO role.

Tenets of Trust: When Richard Edelman and columnist Michael Krauss first met, Krauss warned Edelman away from a career in PR. Now, 30 years on, Krauss is happy to eat his words.

CMO Summit: A Really Big Show: Spencer Stuart's annual CMO Summit left columnist Michael Krauss star-struck last month, and it had little to do with his rubbing elbows with Alec Baldwin in the elevator.

Weisman: It's a Golden Age: Michael Krauss explains why Digitas' Tony  Weisman says now is the true golden age of marketing.

GE CMO Delivers Imagination for Growth: Michael Krauss connects with Beth Comstock, GE's first CMO in 20 years. 

Emotional Stability: Have you ever seen an ad that made you emotional? A snicker, a grin or maybe a sniffle? Michael Krauss talks with Mike Lee, CEO of San Francisco's EmSense, about how to put emotions to the test and get the desired results.

The Real Human Element: Michael Krauss interviews Dow Chemical's top marketer, Patti Temple Rocks, about her rise to the top and Dow's award-winning Human Element campaign.

Spread the Word: Michael Krauss interviews Zocalo CEO and PR executive Paul Rand about word-of-mouth marketing and how corporations can--and should--use it to reap maximum results.

Electronic Green Thumb Sprouts LinkedIn Community: Michael Krauss talks with Patrick Crane, LinkedIn’s top marketer, about how he’s putting his electronic green thumb to work for the business networking site and offers fi ve tips to achieve success.

Leader of the Pack: Breaking out of the pack is tough when you're young and ambitious. Some marketers glide to the top while others struggle.

Top of His Class: Ron Ricci's success at turning the perception of Cisco around has earned him a seat at the same table as Silicon Valley's marketing leaders Regis McKenna and Geoffrey Moore.

Jim Kilts has the Goods: It understates the point in the extreme to say Jim Kilts knows some things about business and marketing. The turnaround whiz and retired CEO of Gillette and Nabisco now mentors marketing upstarts on brand management at the University of Chicago. Lucky dogs.


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