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1.       Due Date: Paper proposals are due April 9, 2010 at 6pm EST. Late proposals will NOT be considered.

2.       Proposal Submission: All proposers must complete the online paper proposal - Click Here for Form 

3.       Paper Descriptions: There are two options for submitting your paper description:

a.       Written – The online paper proposal form requests a paper description of 300-400 words.

b.      Video – In lieu of the written paper description, you may submit a short video of yourself describing your proposed topic. The video should be approximately 2 minutes in length maximum. It should be in a Web-friendly format such as .mov, .mpeg, .wmf, etc. Make sure to identify your name, title, institution and proposed paper title at the beginning of the video. The video may be emailed to Lynn Reyes at or sent to Lynn Reyes via a free file transfer site such as if the file is very large. Note that if you plan to submit your proposal via video, you must still complete the online paper proposal form.

4.       Proceedings: If your paper proposal is selected for inclusion in the Symposium, you will be contacted by the AMA Publications department about publishing your paper in the conference proceedings. By submitting a paper proposal, you are agreeing to write a paper for publication in the proceedings. The AMA will provide manuscript guidelines and a copyright to sign and return. Final papers should be no more than 15 double-spaced, typewritten pages in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format. 

5.       Registration: If accepted, one presenter per session will receive a complimentary registration. Additional presenters will need to register at AMA rate. The AMA does not pay travel expenses for the presenters.


 Web tools and strategies

 Interactive/online marketing

Web metrics

     New channels-blogs, rss, FaceBook, etc.

Visual identity programs (logos/marks)

Branding strategies

Creative/copy writing strategies

Electronic communications

Competition analysis and positioning

Program demand analysis

Special event planning/event marketing

Recruitment/retention marketing strategies

     Internal communications

Marketing research

Viral/buzz marketing

Image and branding research

Strategic marketing

Public/community relations

 Crisis communications

Relationship/1-to-1 Marketing


     Enrollment strategies

     Ethics in marketing

     Student satisfaction metrics/measures

     Pricing strategies

     Media relations/buying/strategy

     Marketing to adult/non-traditional students

     Market segmentation and positioning



 Submission Form w/abstract due to AMA                  April 9, 2010

Proposers notified of selections                                 May 7, 2010

Manuscripts due to AMA                                      October 1, 2010

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