Managing Customer Loyalty Training Series

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Customer loyalty is one of the most powerful weapons an organization has in its strategic arsenal. However, most companies do not fully understand the value of customer loyalty or realize its potential for enhancing customer relationships. This two-day hands-on session will provide you with the information and tools to fully utilize customer loyalty and increase bottom-line results.  

 **This course was approved by the MRA for the following PRC Contact hours: 14 Hour Analysis | 1 Hour Sampling


  • Create and analyze loyalty segments
  • Understand how to acquire meaningful customer loyalty information
  • Design and manage your customer loyalty information process
  • Define and prioritize customer segments based on their loyalty profile
  • Assess the competition; determine which competitors are threats, and how to develop appropriate responses to competitive actions
  • Construct and manage action plans for making positive changes based on your customer loyalty information
  • Identify and manage business risks associated with your company‚Äôs customer loyalty segments
  • How to drive the behaviors that distinguish your loyal customers from your vulnerable customers
  • Differentiate between marketing mix elements that can be used to migrate customers from one loyalty segment to another
  • Define the ROI from loyalty and behavioral change


  • Examples and techniques that address B2C, B2B, product-oriented businesses, and service oriented businesses
  • Tools that can be used to execute this work in your business
  • Take home Excel-based tools to help you perform the techniques learned in the session
  • A bibliography of prominent articles on each topic area


  • Sales and marketing executives
  • Strategic planning and business development executives
  • Researchers responsible for loyalty information
  • Managers of call centers or any other customer service function
  • Anyone involved with the implementation, management, or use of CRM information

William Aldy Keene has worked in the field of customer loyalty for over 17 years. He is currently a partner in The Loyalty Research Center, an organization that specializes in the design, analyses and management of customer relationship and customer loyalty information systems. Mr. Keene has conducted research and consulted in the areas of new products, product design testing, advertising evaluation, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction, and customer value analysis.

2009 Locations:

Orlando - January 14-15 - Will Not Be Held
Chicago - February 5-6
San Francisco - February 25-26 - Will Not Be Held





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