Virtual Event: Unveiling Marketing Research's Future Online

Jen Benstein
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    Learn from these thought provoking
    Marketing Research Leaders

    Sheryl Connelly, Manager of Global Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company

    Topic:    Expect the Unexpected

    As manager of Ford Global Trends and Futuring, Sheryl Connelly tracks consumer trends and uses this knowledge and information to impact future products.  Sheryl knows that Marketers are often surprised by marketplace shifts that could have been anticipated with the right tracking and Research. Only when you understand the consumer trends outside of your control can you begin to understand the implications for the industry and customers.  In this session, Sheryl will discuss how the concept of control has never been more elusive than in today’s volatile, consumer – driven global economy and how marketers need to begin exploring areas over which they have no control or influence.

    Kathy Sheehan; SVP, General Manager, GfK Roper Consulting

    Topic:    Understand the New Consumer

    In unveiling market research online, a critical component for businesses is to have an intimate knowledge of the consumer -- both online and offline.  In 2009, we saw unprecedented times for consumers around the world. It is now time to review, reassess and understand how consumers are going to re-ascend as we move forward in 2010 and the next decade.

    The briefing will highlight current insights from Roper Reports® Worldwide study of 30,000 consumers in 25 global markets, featuring:

    • Top trends you need to know, with implications for marketing and strategy.
    • Needs, and values in a world where trust has been eroded
    • Sustainability and consumer priorities in the wake of recession

      Influential Americans®: attitudes among opinion leaders and change agents.

    Rebecca West; VP Business Development & Client Care, Civicom

    Topic:  Distance is Dead

    In 1858, Queen Victoria sent a telegram via the Atlantic Cable to United States President James Buchanan. The transmission took 16½ hours. Without the cable,

    such a dispatch in one direction alone would have taken twelve days. In 2010, data transmission is sent at 186,000 miles per second. Distance is Dead.

    Today the world is a smaller place. Online tools and advanced audio and video capabilities enable researchers to involve multiple parties that are located anywhere,

    in any combination, creating vast new opportunities. Now there are even newer and more intriguing methods emerging. What does the marketing researcher need to know to make a success out of adaptation to the virtual world?

    Learn more about how researchers have applied creative approaches with virtual technologies to their research studies. Gain insight into emerging technologies and how they might change the landscape of what clients will want to try. It’s a new world.  It’s time to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

    Sanja Licinia, Senior Director,
    Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO, Survey Analtyics

    Topic: DIY Research - Has self-service research killed traditional MR?

     With a plethora of low-cost research tools and services available to everyone, including product managers and service delivery professionals - coupled with the high ratio of "get your hands dirty" business school grads -- is traditional MR pivoting to more self-service and less full project outsourcing? Vivek from Survey Analytics and Sanja from CareerBuilder will be presenting a hands on view of the market, areas of excellence on ROI for self-directed studies as well as pitfalls of DIY studies.

    Jeremy Whyte, Director of Customer Feedback and Reporting, Oracle Corporation

    Topic:  Improving Customer Loyalty through Insights and Research

     Join Jeremy Whyte in this session to find out how increasing customer loyalty through improved customer experiences can be driven by the insight gained from a comprehensive customer feedback and research program

    Ken Sickles, Global Director, Solution Strategy, Dow Jones

    Topic:  Using Social Media for Business Research

    The use of social media by business professionals is growing rapidly. As a result,

    social media content can benefit more than just public relations professionals. Learn how you can use social media when performing business research and competitive intelligence tasks for your enterprise.

    The unprecedented growth of sites like Twitter and Facebook are creating new venues to learn more about your company, industry, and marketplace in general. Every day there is more business information being shared on these services. While some of this information is not reliable, much of it can be trustworthy, or in the very least lead you to trustworthy sources.

    Learn how you can find valuable business information from the vast sea social media content with respect to companies, people, industries, products and brands.


    Kelley Styring, Principal, Insight Farm and Author

    Topic: In Your Car - Road Trip through the American Automobile - A Catalyst for Innovation
    In 2007, Kelley’s groundbreaking study of women’s handbags, In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag, uncovered billions of dollars in product innovation and marketing opportunities. Now, Kelley has her eye on your car.
    Americans own nearly 150 million automobiles. We go everywhere and do everything in them.  Many of us practically live in them, carrying many of life’s necessities (and a few of life’s oddities) with us.  Hear this engaging and interactive presentation that will change the way you think about cars and what they represent in terms of business opportunity.  Join us for, In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile.
    Sally Hogsead, Author, Radical Careering and Fascinate
    Topic: How do you Fascinate?
    Every day, intentionally or not, you’re using fascination "triggers" to persuade others. Whether pitching a new client, or presenting ideas to your team, or recruiting new Twitter followers, you’re working to elicit a specific response. 
    You have 7 potential fascination triggers, including power, trust, mystique, and lust. The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential you become.  What makes your own personal brand fascinating? How do you most effectively influence others? The F Score Personal Brand Test will tell you. Drawing upon her recently published book FASCINATE, Sally Hogshead will show you how your own personality persuades the world around. 
    In order to help Sally custom tailor her presentation to our audience, please take the F-Score test at and enter the code "AMA-June" in the space provided on the final screen of the test. 
    Special Interactive Session - Twitter

    Tweet Off: Three MR Tweeps Bicker, Badger & Bust Out of 140 Characters

    Cathy Harrison, Sr. Project Manager, Chadwick Martin Bailey
    Kathryn Korostoff, Research Rockstar
    Jeffrey Henning, Vovici

    Join three of the most prominent market researchers on Twitter as they debate contentious research issues of the day. Cathy Harrison (@VirtualMR), Kathryn Korostoff (@ResearchRocks) and Jeffrey Henning (@jhenning) will debate:

    • The role of the market research department in a DIY (Do It Yourself) survey world.  Point: MR is better off decentralized and embedded in other jobs.  Counterpoint: Organizations need centralized MR expertise more than ever.
    • Privacy in customer satisfaction research. Point: Follow up with every dissatisfied customer who takes a survey. Counterpoint: Customer satisfaction surveys are for measuring, not intervening.
    • Market Research Online Communities. Point: The best MROCs are small, closed, branded and permanent. Counterpoint: Research communities can take a wide array of firms, each suited for different tasks.
    • Social media market research. Point: Social media research will largely replace and supplant traditional consumer survey research. Counterpoint: Social media transforms and empowers surveys rather than replacing them.

    Do not forget to continue the discussion in person at the AMA Marketing Research Conference!

    Marketing Research Conference
    Unfiltered Perspectives. Unexpected Opportunities.
    September 26-29 - Atlanta

    Discover the bold, dynamic and even unorthodox thinking of today’s marketing research leaders
    as they explore trend-setting case studies in research, including new techniques and analysis of
    the changing face of customer input.

















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