Social Media: Cracking the Code for Business Marketers

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The social media revolution is happening now, and quickly gathering steam.   With broad implications for so many aspects of our lives and businesses, there is no shortage of opinion on how to capitalize on this amazing new space.  But what do you really need to do to establish a solid social media presence now and in the future?  And in a world that seems full of B2C ideas, what's working for B2B marketers?

Cut through the clutter and get the insights you need from leading experts at this free AMA virtual conference. We'll focus on:

Utilizing Social Media Tactics for Lead Generation

  • Understand how to utilize a social media platform to cultivate, identify and qualify leads
  • Know how to identify the social media platforms you should invest in

Leveraging Social Media as an Engagement Strategy

  • Execute a social media plan as an actionable part of the marketing and sales plan
  • Learning how to leverage social media to convert leads into successful sales 

Measuring ROI of a Social Media Program

  • Utilize available tools and technology to measure the success
  • How to establish targets and success metrics

Learn the secrets to social media success
from these fascinating presenters
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Cliff Atkinson @cliffatkinson, Author, The Backchannel

James Clark @jamesoclark, Co-Founder, Room 214
Dave Evans @evansdave, Author, Social Media; An Hour a Day & Social Media Strategist,
Co-founder, Digital Voodoo
Brian Halligan @bhalligan, Author, Inbound Marketing & CEO, Hubspot
Joseph Jaffe @jaffejuice, Author, Flip the Funnel & President, Chief Interpreter, crayon

Andy Sernovitz @servovitz, Author, Word of Mouth Marketing & CEO, GasPedal

Julien Smith @julien, Author, Trust Agents

























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