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Karen Gwynne
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On March 15 join the American Marketing Association and Localization World for a half-day virtual forum The New Global Enterprise: Core Competencies for Localizing Marketing Communications. This virtual event focuses on the fundamentals required to bring marketing strategies into the new global marketplace. Attendees will learn how to translate, adapt and communicate to a culturally diverse audience.

This half-day event (10:00am - 2:00pm CT) takes place entirely online, offering all the benefits of a traditional conference without the travel and registration is free!

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Sessions include:

An Introduction to Localization Strategies For Marketers
Willem Stoeller PMP
Director of Account Management, Lingotek, Inc

This session introduces you first to basic localization concepts and processes. With the foundation in place you are taken on a tour of pitfalls and best practices including planning, outsourcing, monitoring, and success factors. The session is completed by an overview of the latest trends in localization and how they apply to you: machine translation, community translation and translation marketplaces.

Secrets of the Best Global Websites
John Yunker
Co-Founder, Byte Level Research
Author: The Web Globalization Report Card

Learn w
hat are the hottest languages on the web today - and tomorrow; how companies like Google and Apple benefit from global design consistency and how companies are leveraging Facebook and Twitter around the world. You will also learn how to design web sites to scale quickly and still be locally relevant.

Localization: Translating Marketing Communications for Global Markets
Inna Geller, Geller Translation Solutions, LLC

Globalization, a current buzzword in international marekting, has also affected the world of marketing translation.   One of the myths about translation is that it merely involves a transfer of words from one language to another. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It's ideas that are transferred and these ideas can't be looked up in a culture dictionary.

So should you translate or should you re-write? We will explore this question during the session. The translation of sales and marketing collateral is unavoidable in the 21st century marketplace as companies are facing an increasing number of tough local, regional and international competitors in every market. As a marketing communication professional, engaged in the international product launch, you will benefit from learning what kind of problem prevention steps to take during the marcom campaign development process to ensure the successful translation.  Some of the common marcom translation issues webinar will address are:

1. Developing a translation-ready source copy
2.  Developing translation-ready tag-lines
3.  Branding and product naming
4.  Role of terminology management in translation of sales collateral
5.  Exploring a use of color in marketing communication for international marketplace
6.  Developing a translation-ready layout

Ask the Expert” Panel Discussion
Moderated by Ulrich Henes, founder of Localization World

In this panel discussion, expert global marketing practitioners will answer your questions on effectively adapting your marcom to culturally diverse markets. Learn about emerging technologies and best practices from their hands-on experience in localization and translation.

What past attendees have said about AMA VirtualXchange Events:

“The AMA Virtual conference was absolutely wonderful. From my desk, I was able to learn the latest and greatest from excellent speakers…I hope AMA repeats this format several more times.”

“Great value!  Assembly of experts.  It really created an excitement and buzz.  I learned about services and products I didn’t know and gathered resources for the future.  Do it again!”

“I was impressed with how easy it was to sign in and get involved.  I was a bit skeptical about being able to get in and attend events in a user friendly fashion; however this was not the case!  I came away with the feeling that first, I had not wasted my time, and that I had learned something.”


Thank you to our leading-edge sponsors who offer the knowledge, techniques and ideas you need to launch a successful global marketing program – today and in the future!  Take time explore their websites; you will come away with proven strategies and solutions for the biggest challenges in localization and globalization!





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