Barb Murphy


Barb Murphy
Senior Marketing Executive & Business Growth Strategist, President
Strategic Spark, Inc.

Barb has been helping organizations identify, prioritize, develop and realize new market growth opportunities for nearly 20 years. With a wealth of experience gleaned from her 14 years of agency leadership at BKV, she knows what it takes to generate innovative brand and integrated marketing strategies that will unite and inspire an organization to reach their goals. But it’s Barb’s corporate experience that has equipped her with the knowledge to translate market data and research into strategies that deliver big results.

From the insights and situation analysis that provide the foundation for effective planning, through facilitation of the planning process and ultimately plan development, Barb draws on her experience in a cross-section of business, consumer and non-profit markets to identify strategies that create opportunities for measurable change.

Barb lends her experience to many vertical market and marketing associations, as well as individual businesses, through interactive workshops that help to build their research, planning and marketing competencies.

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