Bernard Brenner


Bernard Brenner
Senior Vice President, Product Development & Innovation Research in the Technology, Media and Telecom Sector

Bernard Brenner is the Senior Vice President of Product Development and Innovation research in the Technology, Media and Telecom sector at TNS.  Bernard has 14 years experience in technology research and most recently was Senior Vice President for Illuminas, a provider of custom research solutions where he focused much of his effort on mobile communications technology. 
Prior to that, Bernard spent six years client-side at Nokia, where his last position was Global Director of Consumer Insights and Marketing Research.   Bernard was responsible for orchestrating strategic alignment of Nokia's global research portfolio as well as the marketing research lead for Nokia's global consumer segmentation, brand tracking, design innovation, website strategy and product & service creation research.

Bernard has vast experience conducting research focused on all areas of strategic growth and development. Specifically, he brings significant client-side experience in conducting research to support brand, consumer, product and retail strategies with emphasis on creating the globally harmonized consumer segmentation.  This client-side experience was practiced at two operating levels within Nokia, both at a regional operations level (where he was focused on local segment understanding, support for marketing programs, carrier sell-in and turning shopping behavior into action) as well as at a corporate level (where he centered on strategy, product roadmapping, segment/category development and brand synergy through media).  
Bernard holds an MBA with emphasis in strategic planning and marketing strategy from Georgia State University.

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