Brad Smallwood


Brad Smallwood
Director of Pricing and Analytics

Mr. Smallwood has 20 years of experience developing and running both on and offline marketplaces. At Facebook his responsibilities include three major areas.
• Identifying the best way to utilize all the information about the user to make advertising more relevant and effective.
• Measuring the impact of advertising both on immediate actions that users take (performance oriented campaigns) and the long-term more attitudinal changes that occur (brand lift)
• Day to day management of Facebook’s worldwide inventory including pricing, inventory controls, and running of the online marketplace

Prior to joining Facebook, Mr. Smallwood was the GM of Yahoo’s multi-billion dollar display advertising marketplace.  While there he worked to bring several 3rd party demand channels in to help strengthen the industry leading Yahoo marketplace, including the Right Media acquisition. With companies like Namezero, AllAdvantage, and Revcube he developed a series of state of the art ad targeting and ad serving techniques including the first behavioral targeting system and an integrated platform for online campaign management across search, display, email, creative, and landing page optimization.  Prior to his transition to online Mr. Smallwood was one of the early innovators in the pricing space developing and running the pricing and revenue management systems for a variety of industries including airlines, hotels, and shipping.

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