Christina Liao


Christina Liao, Ph.D.
Group Head, Marketing Science

Christina Liao, Ph.D. is Group Head, Marketing Science, at CMI, a research firm that provides information based marketing solutions.  Christina has been designing and implementing research studies since 1995.  Before joing CMI, Christina was Technical Director at ORC Macro.  She has extensive experience in survey design, data quality control, and statistical modeling and analytic techniques. Christina‚Äôs strengths are consulting with clients on the appropriate use of statistical models and techniques, handling missing data in statistical analysis, and translating statistical results into actionable marketing insights.  Specifically, Christina has expertise in the use of conjoint analysis, structural equation modeling, hierarchical linear modeling, and longitudinal analysis.  She has both a Ph.D. and a Masters degree in Research, Measurement and Statistics from Georgia State University.

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