Ellen Naylor


Ellen Naylor
Business Intelligence Source (BIS)

Ellen Naylor is the founder of Business Intelligence Source (BIS), a marketing company particularly known for the sales-marketing aspects of competitive intelligence and opportunity analysis.  BIS’s sweet spot is integrating intelligence gathered from sales, marketing, product development, customers, and the competition; and teaching clients “HOW” to collect & organize intelligence, most notably through elicitation and good communication skills. Ellen is an expert primary researcher in just about any area or industry. She conducts win/loss analysis and trade show collection & loves social networking/web 2.0. BIS is developing cooperative intelligence (www.thecisource.com/coopintel), which builds and integrates leadership, connection and communication—often underdeveloped skills.

Prior to forming BIS in 1993, Ellen initiated a competitive intelligence operation at Bell Atlantic (Verizon subsidiary) and conducted financial CI and forecasting at Northwest airlines.  She has excelled in both B to B sales (Bell Atlantic) and B to C sales (jewelry and fine art).  Ellen is a 20 year veteran at SCIP (Society of Competitive Information Professionals), a sought after global speaker www.thecisource.com/workshops & thought leader as evidenced through her CI Magazine articles http://www.thecisource.com/publications and her blog http://cooperativeintelligenceblog.com. Ellen has been a member of the AMA (American Marketing Association), ACG (Association for Corporate Growth), ASP (Association for Strategic Planning), SLA (Special Libraries Association) and AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals) over the years.

Ellen earned a BA in international studies at the University of Notre Dame and speaks French.  She earned an MBA at University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business. Ellen grew up in an international community in Yokohama, Japan, and is comfortable leading cross-cultural teams.

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