Lawrence Gibson


Lawrence D. Gibson
Independent Consultant, Senior Associate
Eric Marder Associates, Inc.

Larry Gibson has a long, varied career in Marketing and Marketing Research: Marketing Research Director at General Mills for 20 years, Advertising Agency researcher, and consultant/supplier for such clients as General Motors, Amoco, and Motorola. He has worked in West Europe, Latin America, China and Japan. A frequent speaker at AMA and ARF Conferences, Chapter meetings and University classrooms, Gibson has also published many articles in professional journals.

For the American Marketing Association, Larry has served as an at-large National Board Member; he teaches two tutorials, “Problem Solving with Marketing Research” and “Writing Research Reports and Designing Research Presentations”, at their Advanced Research Methods Conferences; he led off the AMA School of Marketing Research at Notre Dame; he is a member of the Marketing Research Editorial Review Board, and he has served on the Marketing Research Council.

Additionally, Gibson was Chair of The Conference Board’s Marketing Research Council, a Board Member of the Marketing Science Institute, and a member of the Business Research Advisory Council of the BLS.

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