Michael Rich


Michael K. Rich, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Professor of Marketing
Southwest Marketing Advisory Center, Southwest Minnesota State University

After completing 27 years of steady advancement in industrial sales and marketing positions with such firms as Kennecott Copper, Eastman Kodak, Nordson, and Automated Packaging, Mike left his position as Vice-President and General Manager of North-West Telecommunications to initiate a career in academe.  After securing a tenure-track position at California University of Pennsylvania (Cal), he entered and successfully completed the doctoral program in Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh.

He is now a professor of marketing at Southwest Minnesota State University, in Marshall. After developing a new undergraduate marketing course of study, he conceived, developed and implemented the Southwest Marketing Advisory Center – an organization employing senior-level marketing students to supply much-needed marketing services for regional businesses and governmental organizations as well as financial compensation to students involved in the center. The center has now grown to where annual revenues exceed $100,000 and employing an average of 16 students per semester. 

His work in academe has earned him the reputation of being able to present and discuss complex marketing concepts in a manner that is easily understood and logical to apply to many business situations. Under his direction, the number of marketing majors has grown from 28 in 2001 to 120 in the 2009-2010 academic year. While the average dropout rate for entering college freshman is approximately 28 percent nationally, his marketing department averages less than five percent attrition. 

He has effectively completed numerous advising contracts in the fields of salesforce training, marketing research, and organizational development. 

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