Michael Zicha


Michael A. Zicha
Zicha & Associates

Mike Zicha has been a project manager/statistical methodologist for the past 26 years holding previous positions at Opinion Research Corporation, Total Research Corporation, Marketing Research Services, Inc. (MRSI), and Market Intelligence, Inc.

Mike opened the offices of Zicha & Associates in 2000. Zicha & Associates offers two services: 1) full-service custom marketing research using all methods of data collection and 2) research design and data analysis services.

Zicha & Associates has a great deal of experience using advanced analytical methods to answer key research questions. Research problems are never force-fit into a methodology; rather, the best set of tools and techniques are selected based on the problem at hand. Zicha & Associates has conducted research across a wide range of industries and topic areas. Studies involving market segmentation, discrete choice modeling, conjoint analysis, key driver analysis, brand positioning, and pricing strategy are areas of special expertise.

Mike has published several papers dealing with analytical issues in marketing research and is a frequent speaker at national AMA conferences. For example:


• Measurement and Questionnaire Design
• Attitude Measurement and Models
• Survey-Based Pricing Research (with Dave Lyon)
• Conjoint Analysis: Design, Analysis, and Extensions

AMA’s Advanced Research Technique (ART) Forum presentations

• On the Inclusion of Situational Variables in Choice Modeling
• The Black Box of Conjoint Analysis: An Enlarged View

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