Mike Mulhern


Mike Mulhern
Mulhern Consulting

Mike Mulhern is President of Mulhern Consulting, which he founded in 1981. Mulhern Consulting provides clients with two sets of services: 1) custom survey research and 2) marketing database modeling. Product design and positioning, pricing, segmentation, brand equity, customer satisfaction and retention, and demand forecasting are the marketing issues most often addressed with his clients.

Prior to starting his consulting firm, Dr. Mulhern earned his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Washington where he specialized in Marketing Strategy, Research Design, and Applied Statistics. He has a MBA from Northern Illinois University and a BA in Economics from Marquette University. He also has held sales and marketing positions in the telecommunications industry.

He has presented papers at numerous practitioner and academic conferences and, since 1994, has regularly conducted tutorials on conjoint analysis, discrete choice modeling, and market segmentation for the American Marketing Association (AMA). A recent paper (coauthored with Douglas MacLachlan) on optimal segmentation methods won the best paper award at an international market research conference held in Warsaw, Poland. His most recent article on buyer decision processes appeared in the Fall, 2009 issue of Marketing Research.

Mike is currently a member of the AMA’s Applied Research Methods Conference Advisory Committee. He served on the AMA’s Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum Planning Committee in 2001 and 2002. He is a member of the American Marketing Association.

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