Murli Buluswar


Murli Buluswar
Vice President
Insight and Innovation, Farmers Insurance

I&I, a recently created internal analytics strategy consulting group, is inculcating science driven decision making into an organization that has achieved great success on the backbone of its sales force. Murli has been brought in to build I&I, translate its broadly defined mission into specific contributions by asking and answering questions in unchartered territory. I&I proactively and reactively identifies opportunities to drive strategy via data driven insight.

I&I plays a pivotal role in influencing the direction of Product Pricing and Distribution Strategy, Marketing & Consumer Research, Customer Experience, and Claims. 

Prior to joining Farmers in September 2006, Murli was Vice President of Financial Analysis & Strategic Planning at Answer Financial, Inc., one of the largest P&C insurance agencies in the country. At Answer, Murli was charged with evaluating and driving value creation on the basis of deep understanding of economics for the marketing and product functions.

Before Answer, Mr. Buluswar served as a Product Manager at Progressive Insurance. In addition, his work experience includes roles with The Monitor Group, a global strategy consulting firm and Capital One, a leading consumer financial services organization.

Murli is also a board member of Los Angeles based Harmony Project, whose mission is to nurture purpose among underprivileged children through music instruction.

Mr. Buluswar holds a B.A. in Economics from Bluffton University, MS in Economics & Statistics from Auburn University, and an MBA from The University of Chicago.

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