Pat LaPointe


Pat LaPointe
Managing Partner

Pat LaPointe is the Managing Partner at MarketingNPV, a highly specialized consulting firm that builds marketing dashboards, marketing ROI/analytical frameworks, and brand scorecards that measure the creation of economic and strategic value for both the short and long term. Pat directs the development of client solutions for CMOs in the areas of marketing measurement processes, tools, and skills to determine the financial return from marketing investments. His book Marketing by the Dashboard Light: How to Get More Insight, Foresight, and Accountability from Your Marketing Investments is a pioneering work on the topic of marketing dashboard development. 

Prior to launching MarketingNPV, Pat was an equity partner and senior vice president at Frequency Marketing Inc., a consulting and software company known for design and operation of large-scale CRM and loyalty programs. Pat also directed the operation of a marketing department at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), creating and implementing customer acquisition and development programs for both B2B and consumer markets. He started his career in advertising in the Y&R network and at Ketchum, where he managed large client portfolios in all aspects of marketing strategy and communications.

A well-known speaker, Pat is a regular panelist and chairman at ANA and AMA events, and has served as a guest lecturer at Wharton School of Business, MIT, and at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He is a frequent contributor to the ISBM and serves on the Board of Directors of the Business Marketing Association.

Pat is an MBA graduate of Stern School of Business at NYU and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University in Montreal.

MarketingNPV ( is a highly specialized advisory firm that links marketing expenditures to financial value creation, providing continuous improvement in the effective and efficient allocation of marketing resources. The firm uses processes and tools tuned to measure the payback on marketing investments, track the right performance metrics, and forecast the economic impact of changes in strategy or tactics. MarketingNPV maintains the world's largest online archive of articles and resources about marketing measurement, and publishes MarketingNPV Journal quarterly.


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