Steven Walden


Steven Walden
Senior Head of Research and Consulting and Author
Beyond Philosophy

Steven bridges the gap between academic thinking and the practical application of Customer Experience Management.  A highly engaging and seasoned speaker, he brings the topic of Customer Experience to life through his extensive experience of having worked with some of the world’s leading companies. Bringing a passionate approach to the topic, Steven likes to breach and challenge the status quo through example and new insights.

Steven is Senior Head of Research and Consulting for Beyond Philosophy™ and has been instrumental in developing ground-breaking methodologies such as Emotional Signature® and is also co-author of Beyond Philosophy’s fourth book, Customer Experience:  Future Trends and Insights.  He has a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing, with emphasis on segmentation methodologies.  Steven maintains strong links to academics and several leading business schools and is a recognized expert in understanding the importance of and application of using emotions and the subconscious mind of customers to generating value to the business.

In his spare time, he enjoys contemporary classical music, learning to play the piano and spoiling his two daughters
Beyond Philosophy is recognized as world ‘Thought Leaders’ in Customer Experience with offices in London, England, Atlanta, USA and partners in Europe and Asia.  The Beyond Philosophy team is proud to advise many top world companies including: American Express, FedEx, TNT, Aviva, Dell and IBM.

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