William Aldy Keene


William Aldy Keene
Founding Partner
The Loyalty Research Center

Aldy Keene is a founding partner of The Loyalty Research Center, an organization that specializes in the design, analyses and management of customer relationship and customer loyalty information systems.  While providing services over and above customer relationship measurement, The Loyalty Research Center is a consulting firm with a focus on helping their clients understand and manage the strategic relationships that exist with key stakeholder groups, such as customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and others.  The company specializes in taking information through effective deployment, action planning and implementation, therefore truly effecting change within the businesses with whom they work.

Keene is involved with many LRC clients as engagement manager.  In addition, he manages the statistical modeling and analysis effort for all LRC programs.

After completing the course work and examination requirements for a Ph.D. in Economics, Keene began his professional career on the faculties at The University of Chicago and Purdue University from 1977 through 1989.  His teaching focus spanned areas within Economics and Marketing.  Keene’s primary research was in the area of how industries evolved through time in response to strategic and environmental changes.  He has delivered many seminars on this subject at noted academic institutions across the country.

Keene is well known in the field of customer loyalty and is a frequent speaker in that area.  In addition to academic seminars, Mr. Keene delivers American Marketing Association tutorials on the topic of customer loyalty.  He has presented at a variety of industry conferences and company symposiums.

Keene is a director of a privately held multinational business headquartered in New York City.  His community activities include serving the Board of Advisors of a charitable organization based in Indianapolis.

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