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Career Fair Information

Take advantage of the AMA’s Academic Placement Service to look for the job candidate that best suits your needs. This leading job service offers institutions the opportunity to post positions on the largest online job board for the marketing academic community.

​Pricing and Packages ​FAQ's
Position Listing - $335
  • Online job posting (posted through 12/1/2013)
  • Includes online listing and access to applicant resumes through 12/1/2013
  • Access to Career Fair (Incl: Daily Breakfast, Snacks, Use of Computer Terminals and Lounge)
How do I register my position for Academic Placement?
Registration is done online HERE
How do I participate in the career fair?
Once your position is listed your schools will be automatically registered for the career fair
Do I need to register for the conference?
If you do not plan on attending any of the conference sessions or receptions you do not need to register for the conference
What can I expect at the career fair?
The career hours and operating policies are found here
Once you arrive at the career fair you will receive a badge which will allows use of the computer terminals and access to the interview area, you may have as many faculty as you like participate
How do I book my Interview Booth Space?
To book your interview space you must first purchase the online job posting and then select the booth package add-on.
How do I Schedule Interviews?
Interview scheduling is done on your own, you may contact the applicants directly and set up time/location. For scheduling any interviews outside of your booth space block you may use any of the Hotel public areas (lobby, café), or the Academic Placement room.
How do I receive access to the Employer Lounge?
Upon checkin you will receive two badges/passes for your school which will allow you access to the Employer Lounge, where breakfast, refreshments and snacks will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Booth Package Add On - $275
  • Exclusive assigned booth for use the entire length of career fair (Fri, Sat, Sun) – 8x8 curtained booth, with table, chairs and signage
  • Wifi and electrical outlet provided with booth









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