Finding Success by Hiring Young Entrepreneurs

By: Dan Schawbel, Author and Managing Partner, Millenial Branding

Throughout our lives we are constantly searching for “kindred spirits.” Whether it’s in our social lives, love lives or professional lives, we struggle to find like-minded individuals. So why don't we apply this search to our hiring processes? Usually we search for people who have the right skill set, and attitude to become a part of our team. Doesn’t it make sense to find those who strive for the same goals that we do?

Here are the reasons why young entrepreneurs make the best employees for your small business:

1.. Who better understands that a lack of resources and manpower forces you to work harder in the initial stages than a young entrepreneur? Those who have branched out on their own would be more willing to buy into your mission statement than hope for a consistent paycheck.

2. Besides giving you knowledge into the minds of your future target market, young entrepreneurs will help your business grow and develop. As my company’s research shows, Gen Y is turning to entrepreneurial endeavors in the wake of a massive unemployment crisis. Since they're already thinking outside the box in order to create jobs for themselves, they can hit the ground running when they join your organization and strategize its growth.

3. It’s important to understand that merely hiring young entrepreneurs and then forcing them to surrender their ideas is pointless. Many corporations are embracing the idea of empowering their workers to become "intrepreneurs"–acting like a small business under the umbrella of a bigger business. You don’t have to sacrifice your visions of your company, but it’s vital to keep an open mind to the ideas your employees bring to the table. This sort of team will help your company grow organically and help you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millenial Branding and a best selling author; Me 2.0. Follow Dan on his blog.