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The allacademicTM Manuscript System is provided by AMA partner All Academic Inc.

allacademic Manuscript System URL  

General Instructions

  • Use menu tabs and do not use the "back" button.
  • Each page generally includes its own instructions.
  • Your actions are not saved until you click "Accept and Continue."
  • If you need additional help, you can contact your conference or track chairs.

Creating an Account on the allacademic Manuscript System

  • Creating an account is a one-time process. The information provided during account creation is used for all conference documents including the proceedings.  You will have the opportunity to update information as needed however.
  • On your first visit to the site, you should Create a New Account (look to the bottom of the grey box, on the right side). After creating your account, an email will be sent to the email address provided, confirming the account was created and providing the Login and Password. (These can be changed later, if desired.)
  • If you have registered before for this event (e.g., as an author, panelist, session chair or discussant), please use the same login and password created then. If you have forgotten these, you may request them from the site (drop your eyes down to the lower right hand side of the screen). Note that each conference generally requires the creation of a new account. 
  • Personal contact information: This information will be used to produce the final program so please enter your personal information as you want it to appear (e. g., no acronyms or nicknames). The following information is requested: First, middle and last name, email, phone, fax, institutional affiliation, and full address. For statistical purposes only, you are also asked whether you are a student or AMA member.
  • If you need to change your personal information in the future, click Edit Personal Contact Information

Your Login and Password for the allacademic Manuscript System may or may not be the same as that used on the AMA MarketingPower site. It depends on what you chose in each case. Please do not create create multiple logins and passwords for the same event on the  allacademic site as this may create problems if papers, reviews, etc. are listed under different accounts.

Trouble Getting Into the System

The primary reason people encounter problems is multiple identities in the allacademic Manuscript System for the same event. You may have created a different account earlier, you may have changed emails or someone else (i.e., a helpful co-author) may have created an account in submitting a paper with you.

  • If you are able to login but unable to find your submissions or assigned papers, consider if you might have another account and try that. If that works, please notify the appropriate Track Chair so they can delete the wrong account.
  • If you forget your password, request a new one (lower right side of main page).
  • If you need to change your personal information, click Edit Personal Contact Information on the main page.
  • If you cannot resolve the problem, please email the appropriate Track Chair for help. They can uncover multiple identities and merge them. Please be sure to provide them with the desired login, affiliation, etc.

Submitting a Manuscript

  • Prepare manuscripts/proposals in electronic format as described under the appropriate section (i.e., either Competitive Paper or Special Session.  This includes having all authors' contact information (or have them pre-register), a short abstract, keywords to describe your topic, and the paper/proposal in electronic form.
  • Remove all personal-identifying information. This means:
    • Do not including a front page with author-identifying information
    • Remove such information from the Document Properties (see instructions for preparing manuscripts).
  • Have complete contact information for all authors/participants. The submitter can either 1) have all authors or participants verify they are registered or have them pre-register in the system (ideal method for accuracy), or 2) register them at the time of submission. In all cases, new registrants will receive an email confirmation. Errors and incomplete information in contact information may result in errors in scheduling or the final program or proceedings.
  • To aid in assigning reviewers, prepare a separate short abstract and keywords to describe your topic. These can be “cut and pasted in” to the appropriate spaces.
  • Once logged in, Click Submit or Edit a Proposal.
    • Select a Track for your submission.
    • Enter the title, short abstract and keywords for reviewing and type of submission. Use appropriate upper and lower case as it should appear in the final program.
    • For each author/participant, click Search for Author first to see if each person is already listed in the system. If not, then Add Unlisted Author (bottom of page). Enter contact information as it should appear in the final program (see Creating An Account above).
    • Once authors/participants are selected, you may change the order of the people by clicking under Display Order. If you are only acting as an administrator, you may even remove yourself once the submission is complete.
    • Once you've Reviewed Your Submission Information, you can upload your paper or proposal.
    • On the right side, select Upload for Publication.
    • Click Browse to select your file. Then Upload and Continue

Verifying Your Submissions, Editing and Tracking Status

  • Receipt:
    • You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the manuscript/proposal.
    • An email will also be posted in the Message Center on the allacademic Manuscript System. Once you've logged in, click Message Center to see all messages.
    • If you do not receive these confirmations within 24 hours, please check with the appropriate Track Chair to remedy the situation.
  • Edit or Track Submitted Proposals:
    • You may track the status of your proposal through the Submit or Edit a Proposal process. Changes made after papers are sent out for review will not be seen by reviewers.
  • Acceptance Decisions:
    • When all reviews are in and decisions made, you will be notified by email and through the Message Center of the final decision.
  • Reviewing:
    • You will be notified by email when you have been assigned a review and provided with instructions for downloading and submitting reviews.

Volunteering to be a Reviewer, Session Chair or Discussant

  • Once logged in, click Volunteer to be a Reviewer, Chair or Discussant.
  • Select the track and check each volunteer role (i.e., reviewer, discussant, session chair) that you are willing to perform. If you are willing to perform two roles you should select both options.
  • You will receive an email confirmation after you complete the form. Please save the email for your records.

Submitting Manuscripts for Proceedings:

  • Go to the allacademic Manuscript System Web site (see the URL above)
  • Login using the UserName and Password you created for submissions.
  • Under the Submitter's Menu, click Upload Paper or Abstract for Publication. You will see a page listing all papers you have submitted.
  • Click Upload/View Summary. If you are submitting a full paper for publication, click Upload Final Full Paper. If you are only submitting an abstract, click Upload Final Revised Abstract.
  • Click Browse to select your file. Then Upload and Continue Important: You may upload only one file for each accepted paper, whether published as a full paper or abstract.

Downloading Papers as Session Chair or Discussant

  • Go to the allacademic Manuscript System Web site (see the URL above)
  • Login using the UserName and Password created when you volunteered. If you have forgotten your password or login, please "Click here to retrieve password of user name" (lower right side). Creating a new login will NOT allow you access to your session materials.
  • At the upper right (under the AMA logo), click on My Schedule. This will take you to a list of all sessions, their dates, times and your role(s) on the conference program.
  • Click on the name of a session and all the papers in that session will appear. Click on the green "download" button next to each paper. If no "download" button appears, the authors may not have uploaded a final version. Check with the authors directly or with your track chair.
  • If you are on more than one session, click My Schedule again to return to the list of sessions.
  • If you are a presenter, click on your own name to show the sessions, their dates and times. You are only able to download paper if are a chair or a discussant.


  • You will be notified by email when you have been assigned a review and provided with instructions for downloading and submitting reviews.
  • If you encounter any problems finding your assigned reviews, please see Trouble Getting Into the System above.

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