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ELMAR stands for ELectronic MARketing. It is a virtual community for marketing professors and others interested in the study and teaching of marketing. The primary language of ELMAR is English.

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The ELMAR Moderator is Charles Hofacker. You can reach him at


Send potential postings to


The ELMAR Moderatorial Board consists of the moderator, as well as

Peter Palij, Previous ELMAR Moderator and ELMAR Founder
Ray Fisk, Texas State University - San Marcos, representing AMA
John Ford, Old Dominion University, representing AMS
Kyung Hoon Kim, Changwon National University, representing KSMS
Maja Makovec Brencic, University of Ljubljana representing EMAC
Peter Thirkell, Victoria University of Wellington, representing ANZMAC
Bart Weitz, University of Florida, representing AMA

ELMAR is a free service supported by the AMA which provides hardware, software and programming support. You can support ELMAR by joining the AMA.

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