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Resources on Research including journals, publishing, software and theories

  • Bibliographies - Reading lists as well as databases of citations on marketing.
  • Copy Editors - Organizations and individuals offering manuscript copy editing.
  • Figures and Graphs - Articles on producing visual representation of scientific data.
  • Finding Funding - A page with links to grants and sources of research funding.
  • Institutions - Links and literature on institutional rankings and rankings of faculty.
  • Journals - AMA Journals, all other marketing journals, journal rankings, and more.
  • The M Guide - Directory of Marketing Services published in AMA's Marketing News
  • Proceedings - of AMA Conferences starting with Summer 2004 - AMA Members Only.
  • Posters for Poster Sesssions - Links for creating professional posters for poster sessions.
  • Scales in Marketing - Resources on scales used in measuring marketing constructs.
  • Secondary Data Sources - Links to various secondary data sources in marketing.
  • Software - Statistical, survey, word processing and citation database programs.
  • Theories - Overviews and key literature from a selection of marketing theories.
  • Transcription Services - These services create text transcripts from interviews.

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