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ARC: Teaching

Teaching resources for marketing educators and doctoral students 

    • Assignments - Index to class exercises, homework and other types of assignments.
    • Cases - Information about the case method in general, and cases for specific courses.
    • Contests and Competitions - Exercises where your students compete against the world.
    • Course Materials - A master list of course materials of various sorts, organized by topic.
    • Current Events - Sources for teachable news stories which you can mine for classes.
    • Curriculum and Assessment - A set of tools and pointers for the marketing curriculum.
    • Faculty and Teaching Awards - Awards for excellence in Marketing education.
    • Marketing Education Journals - A list of academic journals whose focus is education.
    • Multimedia and Webcasts - Streaming audio, video and other formats for the class use.
    • Plagiarism - Ways of fighting the scourge of cheating including articles, sites, and advice.
    • PowerPoint - Hints, tips and advice on using this now ubiquitous classroom lecture tool.
    • Rate the Professor - Some sites where college students rate the teachers, and vice versa.
    • Software and Simulations - List of games, simulations and other classroom software.
    • Syllabi - The ARC syllabus collection at the undergraduate, graduate and Ph. D. levels.
    • Textbooks - Compilations of textbooks with some recommendations for several courses.
    • Tips - Helpful advice from teaching in general, to using blogs and group projects in class.

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