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CMO Survey

AMA and Duke Fuqua School of Business

August 2012

New results from The CMO Survey are in and the news isn't great.  Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) expressed doubt about the outlook for the U.S. economy. On a 100-point scale where 0 is least optimistic and 100 is most optimistic, ratings dropped from a post-recession high of 63.4 in February 2012 to a score of 58.4 in August 2012. The greatest pessimism lies among business-to-business companies which dropped from an overall optimism score in February 2012 of 60.2 to a low of 53.6 in August. Business-to-consumer companies also decreased, but only from 63.8 to 61.5.

These are just two of the key insights gained from the new CMO Survey, sponsored by the AMA and the Duke Fuqua School of Business.  Founded in August, 2008, the CMO Survey is administered twice a year via an Internet survey.  Questions repeat over time so trends can be discerned.  The survey sample included 4,336 top marketers at Fortune 1000, Forbes Top 200, CMO Club Companies, top marketers who are AMA members or Duke University Alumni and Friends.             

Read insights from the August 2012 report.                                                      



Marketers' Views Remain Bright on the Topic of Sustainability, Despite Gloomy Economy

AMA and Fleishman Hillard Inc.

April 2009

When it comes to new and potentially expanded opportunities for sustainable development, communicators — primarily those who hold marketing or public relations jobs – remain optimistic for the future. This optimism is a welcome bright spot in a time of increasing global economic uncertainty and rising climate crisis. Marketers and communicators appear to be taking a longterm view of organizational sustainability, recognizing that new investments made within the next year will pay off handsomely in the years that follow.

 Does this mean that 2009 or 2010 will be the tipping point for sustainable marketing initiatives in North America? To find out, the American Marketing Association (AMA) and FleishmanHillard conducted a survey to better understand perceptions about the future of sustainability.

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Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit: A Contextual Assessment of Marketing Challenges, Compensation and Job Satisfaction

Aquent/AMA Insight Series-Part I 

December 2008

It’s not easy being in marketing management today. A dramatic shift in the marketing landscape—increased globalization, multiple media platforms, an explosion of market segments—has coincided with an uncertain economy and shifting organizational dynamics. Marketers at all levels of the organization are faced with enormous strategic and tactical challenges, but their views of these challenges are colored by where they are within the marketing profession hierarchy. Not surprisingly, marketing professionals’ sense of personal satisfaction with their jobs and their ensuing compensation align directly with their level of achievement and tenure in the profession.

The AMA and Aquent conducted a survey to assess marketers’ key strategic challenges, level of satisfaction with their jobs and tactical problems they are experiencing relative to expressed organizational attitudes.


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The Pragmatic Recession: What’s Different This Time Around?

Aquent/AMA Insight Series-Part II  

February 2009

While the conversation about the parallels and incongruities with past recessions is healthy, marketers and business professionals on the whole are less concerned with the academic debate and instead look for concrete answers to help guide their own marketing initiatives today. Among those marketers interviewed for this research who have previously been through down cycles, the overwhelming point of differentiation from the other recessions came down to the pragmatic use of the Internet and supporting technologies to refine (among strong organizations) or jump-start (among ailing companies) their front-line demand-generation activities.

In light of the economy and the mounting challenges at hand to marketers, The Dihedral Group (TDG) conducted a survey on behalf of Aquent and the American Marketing Association pertaining to marketers’ thoughts on the economy, strategic initiatives, and their hiring concentrations for the coming year.

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2009 AMA Social Media Survey

American Marketing Association    

January 2009

In January 2009, the American Marketing Association conducted a Social Media Survey to assess interest in social media tools and social networking behavior of its marketing professional members and website registrants. Recognizing the growing importance of social media in the marketing industry and the need for marketing professionals to utilize existing social networking platforms to form business connections and generate customer leads, the AMA sought to better understand current social media usage patterns of marketing professionals. The survey focused largely on current usage patterns of social media tools such as forums, groups, blogs and wikis as well as popular online social networking platforms.

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