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  BIG IDEAS from the Marketing Masters

The Classics matter.

In today’s Web 2.0 world filled with tweets, blogs and updates, it’s more important than ever to ensure
that the classic works in the marketing discipline are preserved and protected for future generations.
Technology innovation has prompted significant changes in the publishing industry with the result that
thousands of literary works are unavailable to scholars and students.

To ensure that these works will continue to be available, the American Marketing Association has
partnered with Marketing Classics Press,
a social enterprise founded by Dr. Jagdish Sheth, scholar
and author, with a mission to preserve and protect the classic works in the field of marketing. 

Many of the previously published works from the AMA’s library will now be available in digital form

  • AMA Educator Conference Proceedings from the 1940s to the 1980s
  • Individual Conference Proceedings from the 1960s to the mid -1990s Paul D. Converse
    Symposium Proceedings
  • Marketing Research Technique Series
  • Reading Series
  • Bibliography Series
  • Doctoral Dissertation
  • and other Books and Readings

Learn From the Masters: Revisit the Marketing Classics
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Download Insights from Dr. Jagdish Sheth

Scholarly works from the marketing masters including those authored by Sheth, Philip Kotler, David
Aaker, George Day and others will now be made available in both electronic and print versions.
Members of the AMA can obtain electronic versions of these seminal works at a special
Members-Only discount of 50%.

We’ve identified key works critical to preserve.  Just off the digital presses are the following three books that are newly published.  You can view more information about these and other
works by clicking on the links below.

·         Multivariate Methods for Market and Survey Research

Author: Jagdish N. Sheth


Multivariate Methods for Market and Survey Research is a graduate level book about different
applications of methods in marketing research. It is a collection of papers from top names in the field
of marketing and survey research. This collection discusses subjects from conjoint measurements and
latent structure analysis to AID analysis, as well as further research areas related to these techniques.
Read More


·         The Design of Research Investigations

Authors: Sidney Cohen, Robert Ferber, and David Luck.


The Design of Research Investigations was assembled by Robert Ferber, Sidney Cohen, and David
J. Luck to explore the marketing research methods in the 1950s. It was produced by the American
Marketing Association primarily to discuss the function and value of research investigation. Secondly,
the report focused on the role of marketing studies in experimental, historical, and inferential research
approaches. Read More


·         Consumer Panels

Authors: Robert Ferber, Seymour Sudman

Consumer Panels provides a comprehensive overview of the use and history of consumer panels for
marketing research. This convenient guide offers a breakdown of the panel process, including
gathering data, recruiting panel members, and the use of panel services. Produced by esteemed
market researchers Seymour Sudman and Robert Ferber, Consumer Panels the advantages of panels
rather than surveys. For businesses weighing the benefits of panels versus one-time surveys, this
guide will provide the guidelines necessary to reach the most cost efficient and informative decision.
Read More

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