A Common-Sense Primer on Usability Testing

Kay Corry Aubrey
Marketing Researchers
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Key Takeaways

Usability testing gives marketers the opportunity to understand how easy or difficult it is to use their product.  It’s a common-sense approach for determining if people understand your product or service.

A typical usability test includes individual sessions with a handful of participants who match characteristics of the target audience. Participants are asked to work through a set of typical tasks with the product, which can include anything with a user interface such as websites, mobile phone applications, packaging, appliances, or consumer services.

In this article, learn some key tips for conducting effective usability tests.

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Author Bio:

Kay Corry Aubrey
Kay Corry Aubrey is a member of the <a href="/archive/ResourceLibrary/Pages/Content%20Partners%20Profile%20Pages/AMAContentPartner--QRCA.aspx">Qualitative Research Consultants Association</a> and the owner of Usability Resources, which specializes in qualitative research for user-centered design. Kay has 20 years experience in applying qualitative research methods and usability testing to technology products. She has led user research, usability, and design efforts for dozens of clients including AT&amp;T, Avaya, Constant Contact, the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Mayo Clinic, and iRobot.<span>  </span>
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