Research for Research Agencies: Examining Client-Side Priorities

Kathryn Korostoff and Michaela Mora
Marketing Researchers
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In a fall 2010 study conducted by Kathryn Korostoff and Michaela Mora on behalf of the American Marketing Association, in preparation for the 2010 Market Research Conference (AMA MRC), 882 AMA members were surveyed about market research topics they were interested in and challenges they are facing in their market research roles. In this article, the results are presented from client-side researchers, and the implications for market research agencies. By examining the results from the client-side respondents (416 of the 882 participants), the opportunity exists for market research agencies to get a sanity check on how well they are doing in terms of addressing their clients’ current priorities. 

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Kathryn Korostoff and Michaela Mora
<span style="font-family:arial"><font size="2"><a title="" href="">Kathryn Korostoff </a>is Founder and President at Research Rockstar and <a title="" href="">Michaela Mora </a>is Founder of Relevant Insights. <span> </span></font></span>
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