Website Governance Document

Marketer's ToolkitA solid website governance frame work is imperative to the success of a corporate website.   This customizable document takes you through the key areas of your website and will help you communicate the background and site architecture, and then the detailed governance structure of your website - including the structure of the committee, what the governance process entails and who has responsibilities and input.

This document will also help you outline roles and responsibilities throughout the company in conjunction with your website, including project owners and their responsibilities, departmental liaisons, administrators, etc.  This template includes a time line, an outline of a training model, as well as a training document.  This will also help you communicate information on the website funding model as well as key metrics and measurements and the plan to continual improve your website.

Not many companies have developed a governance structure for their websites, but it is imperative to help your website meet your organizational goals.  Use this template to get this important process started.

Access the Website Governance Document.