Website Program Maturity Assessment

Marketer's ToolkitThis prescriptive self-assessment tool will help to evaluate your organization’s capabilities from a web program perspective and your website programs maturity rate and compliance with best practices across the following dimensions: Strategy, Process & Skills; Clear Communications; Brand Consistency & Aesthetic Appeal; User Friendliness & Easy Navigation; Search Engine Optimization; Blogs, Social Networks, & Communities; Landing Pages & Lead Conversion; Content; and Analytics.

You can customize the weighting to fit your business focus.  Rank website best practices on a scale of 1 – 5; there are about 35 questions to help you rank your website accurately.   Once you have completed the assessment, the results tab will give you a snap shot of your current state, a goal state to work towards, and an overall benchmark.  This will help you chart your progress overtime.  There is also a chart to demonstrate this information more visually as well as a recommendations tab that will give you recommendations for anything that you scored a 3 or less on.  This is a great tool to help you focus on key areas of improvement.

Access the Website Program Matuity Assessment Tool.