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 an AMA member you are able to take advantage of local and national discounts on thousands of products and services. Log in today to easily search and save in any of our extensive offer categories such as:

  • Travel - includes airline, hotel, vacation package and car rental offers.
  • Insurance - includes medical, life and liability insurance.
  • Entertainment - discounts to national and local restuarants, movie theaters, museums, entertainment parks and more.
  • Shopping - includes discounts to shopping clubs such as Sam's Club and Costco and coupons for thousands grocery and retail items/stores.
  • Business Services - includes business services tailored for Marketing Professionals such as office supplies, survey tools, webcast platform, wireless services and many more.
  • Career Services - includes resume writing, career coaching and job search resources

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The AMA does not necessarily endorse, recommend, or favor these products, processes, or services by referring to their trade names, trademarks, manufacturers, or otherwise, and such endorsement, recommendation or favoring is not implied.  Please let us know about products or services included in our affinity program which you believe are inappropriate and about specific additional offerings which you believe ought to be included.

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