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The American Marketing Association aims to provide the most comprehensive affinity benefits program for our 30,000+ members. AMA actively promotes products and services that will benefit our members through membership communications and our website,  

Why Enroll?

The American Marketing Association is the largest marketing association in North American. Consisting of marketers, researchers, academics and college students, Perk Partners reach a valuable, loyal audience that will help your business grow. 

The AMA offers an opportunity to elevate your brand awareness, increase your company's visibility and showcase your products and services to over 30,000+ AMA members as well as create a relationship with the largest marketing association in North American. 

Perk Partners receive year round marketing support via member communications such as membership kits, membership newsletters and renewal communications as well as AMA’s website, 


·        A reputable, established company – Brands with a rich history and well regarded reputation that reflects our values.

·        Excellent references - From other associations and business alliances.

·        Unique benefit to AMA members – Offer exclusive, personalized benefits for both professional and personal use. 

·        Ethical standards – Must uphold AMA’s ethics policy. View AMA’s Ethics. 

Submission Requirements

To become a Perk Partner, submit the Perk Partner application along with your proposal to Please include the following information in your proposal:    

·        Company name, address and URL

·        Company representative contact information

·        State the category that your product or service would fall into: business, personal, travel, career, other

·        The unique benefit, in terms of price, produce or service, that members would be unable to obtain elsewhere in the marketplace. 

·        How you will benefit to AMA

·        The product or service benefit to AMA’s membership or member segment (marketers, researchers, academics, college students)

·        Provide brief history and principles of company

·        References

·        A descriptive Marketing Plan

Submissions are ONLY accepted in January and July.
Please allow 8 weeks for your proposal to be evaluated.


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