5 Steps to Market Yourself on LinkedIn


The secret to successful self-promotion on LinkedIn is to first create a rock star profile and then remind people who you are, what you do, and why you’re special. Nearly every aspect of your online profile should underscore your personal brand – here are the power tips to get you started:
Headline. Your headline appears just below your name. Many people type their job title here, but why not utilize this space to tell people not what job you have but what skills you have? Here are some high-impact headlines:
  • Digital marketing leader experienced in lead generation
  • Senior-level B2B marketer, revenue-driver & brand builder
  • Experienced direct marketer seeking new opportunity

Status. Update your status at least once a week and mind the 80/20 guideline… eight out of every ten updates should reinforce your personal brand. Use this space to tell people about the work you’re doing, the type of employment you’re seeking, or about career-related events, books and articles. For example:

  • Sue is planning a national conference for mobile solution providers.
  • Tom is reading The New Rules of Marketing and PR and highly recommends it! http://bit.ly/1lANnY
  • Sima is hosting a High Speed Networking event on November 16. Register now to grow your network. http://bit.ly/2pxKm8
  • Joe is researching St. Louis area pharma companies for entry-level marketing opportunities.
    Updating your status is what I call a two-for: One, it reminds people of what you do and two, it helps keep you high on your network’s radar.

Summary. If you’re going to beat your chest a bit, this is the place to do it. If it’s hard for you to brag about yourself, partner with a fellow marketer and work on each other’s profiles instead. Reinforce your achievements, summarize your credentials and position yourself for your next job.

Specialties. Don’t skip this important aspect of your profile. It’s easy to overlook as it is tucked within the Summary section. This area helps drive the LinkedIn search function so practice your best SEO and include words and phrases that highlight your talent such as Events, Copy Writing, Advertising, Lead Generation, etc.

Custom URL. LinkedIn automatically assigns a URL that links directly to your public profile but you can customize it. Mine is www.linkedin.com/in/SimaSays - simply because I use SimaSays as my social media “handle” on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, etc. Most people opt to use their first and last name. If your first+last name is no longer available, be creative:

  • /MarySmith_Marketer
  • /LeadGenLarry
  • JohnAdamsinPhilly

You can use this URL in your email signature, on business cards and in social networking profiles to drive traffic back to your rock star profile.

Sima Dahl
Personal Brand and
Social Networking Coach,SimaSays.com

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