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Many ARC pages are categorized into one of the areas below, in addition to being categorized according to their role in academic life (Career, Connections, Research, Service, Teaching, and Additional).

  • b2b - a page with links on b2b marketing and interorganizational exchange.
  • cb - resources on the topics of consumer behavior, emotion and thinking.
  • direct - resources, links, and so forth on direct and addressable marketing.
  • distribution - coverage of channels of distribution and the supply chain.
  • ecommerce - links to electronic commerce, electronic marketing resources.
  • entrepreneurship - new ideas, innovativeness and entrepreneurial risk-taking.
  • global - global marketing resources and marketing in the international context.
  • methods - links on marketing research, quantitative techniques and models.
  • management - links on general management and marketing management .
  • product - pricing, new product development, product packaging and design.
  • promotion - advertising, marketing communications, and promotional activity.
  • relationships - long term relational exchange, crm and relationship marketing.
  • retailing - online material relating to various aspects of retail management.
  • sales - collected material on sales, personal selling and sales management.
  • sectors - resources on marketing within a variety of sectors of the economy.
  • services - links on the marketing of intangible services that are performed.
  • society - marketing and public policy, and social, legal and ethical issues.
  • sports - a page for the marketing of special events and sports marketing.
  • strategy - links on marketing strategy and strategic management resources.
  • tourism - a page containing links on hospitality, leisure or tourism marketing.

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