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MRSIG administers the The Gilbert A. Churchill Award for lifetime achievement in the academic study of Marketing Research.

Past Winners

2008 - Michel Wedel, University of Maryland

2007 - Dominique Hanssens, University of California, Los Angeles

2005 - Don Lehmann, Columbia University

2004 - J. Paul Peter, University of Wisconsin

2003 - Richard P. Bagozzi, Rice University

2002 - Frank Bass, University of Texas

2001 - Donald Morrison, University of California, Los Angelas

2000 - Roland Rust, Vanderbilt University

1999 - Vijay Mahajan, University of Texas - Austin

1998 - Seenu Srinivasan, Stanford University

1997 - Bill Perreault, University of North Carolina

1996 - Paul Green, Wharton University

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